Power lab schedule Spring 2016

Lab procedures
Report Template
session 1
1. Roll call,  and orientation , Monday lab will start on session 2

session 2
1. Lab  Basic measurements, power factor, and Dynamometer . Quiz next class

Basic Measurement lab Quiz next class (Basic Measurement)
Notes:  Basic measurement review
session 3
1. Quiz( Basic measurement, power factor, and Dynamometer)
2. Demonstration lab Power Factor Correction. Quiz next class
PFC Module  Demonstration Quiz next class (Power Factor Corr).
Notes: PFC Module review

session 4
1. Quiz (Power Factor Correction)
2. Demonstration electronic ballast. Quiz next class
Ballast Demonstration

Quiz next class (ballast)
Notes: Ballast review
session 5
1. Quiz (Ballast)
2. Lab Magnetic circuits with  report

Magnetic lab
Report: Magnetic DOCX Template
Report: Magnetic PDF Template
Notes: Magnetics review

session 6
1. Report due (Magnetic lab)
2. Lab experiment  single phase transformer model.  Quiz next class
Transformer model lab
Quiz next class  (Transformer Model)
Notes: Transformer Model review

session 7
1. Quiz (Transformer model).
2. Lab experiment single phase transformer waveforms with report.
Transformer Waveforms lab
Report: Transformer Waveforms DOC
Report: Transformer Waveforms PDF
Notes: Transformer Waveforms review

session 8 1. Report due (Transformer waveforms)
2. Lab Transmission line . Quiz next class
Transmission line lab Quiz next class (Transmission Line)
Notes: Transmission Line review
session 9 1. Quiz (Transmission Line)
2. Lab experiment Synchronous Machine with  report

Synchronous Machine lab Report: Synchronous Machine DOC 
Report: Synchronous Machine PDF
Notes: Synchronous Machine review
session 10
1. Report due (Synchronous Machine)
2. Lab experiment Induction machine model.Data for report
3. Induction machine Matlab with report ( program and model)

Induction motor Matlab program

Report: Matlab DOCX  Template
Report: Matlab  PDF  Template
Notes: Induction Machine review
session 11 1. Report due (MATLAB).
2. Lab experiment DC machine. Quiz next class.
DC Machine lab
Quiz next class (DC Machine)
Notes: DC Machine review
session 12 1. Quiz (DC machine)
2. Review for exam

session 13
Exam: in class